What i feel many times

             Last night I sae a dream of a ancient man, I don’t know who was that but he told me something about water. He tod me that water gonna lost all his particles in 2029. In that dream I had completed some work given by him, and he wanted me to go respectively as I had done something what he wanted.
             What I want to tell is that I feel that we are still missing the real truth. Why? Bcz sciemce says that we all are made of energy, atoms, we are made of small particles. We are just a bundle of energy which is working collectively, but we are unaware of that truth.
             I don’t want to enter in mythology or religion or spirituality. I am a common man just like everyone, who sometime feels sad, happy, anxious, fear everything, but eberytime I feel that we all are running, running behind something, to get full filled. But unfortunately we don’t get satisfaction by getting anything like money, respect, power, sex, love etc.
             I am also looking to full fill what inside me, but I think the way is inside now, because every body, including me has failed to achieve that peace. 


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